The Upcycling Project: Creative Reuse of Promotional Material.

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The UpCycling Project
The Ministry of Tourism and the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) are going to rationally manage their available resources by creatively reusing the unutilized promotional material of the GNTO, thus saving up to 40% of the total cost for new one. This innovative project is about upcycling, i.e. turning a useless object into a product of equal or higher environmental value without ever disposing of it. This is going to put the Ministry of Tourism and the GNTO in a leading international position, as no other national tourism body has adopted this practice before. Under the motto “I am a poster. Can’t you see? – Fresh and smart eco-gifts created of our old print material”, the GNTO Upcycling Project is going to involve 45.000 paper folders, 120.000 posters and 4.300 paper bags produced in 2004-2009, with no archive value and too outdated to be used within their current marketing campaigns, but good enough to be used as the raw material for making new promotional “products” (pens, page markers, pencil cases, post-it dispensers, bags etc.) as well as to meet the needs of Greece for promotional actions in international fairs and exhibitions. Enjoy the Official Video – The Upcycling Project: Creative Reuse of Promotional Material.

These products will be:
– bags
– CD and DVD cases
– business card cases
– stands for cards/papers and pencils/pens
– sous-verres
– paper cubes and
– small string paper bags with a jigsaw puzzle made from old GNTO posters
By means of this initiative, the Ministry of Tourism and the GNTO aim to utilize their inactive material in a cost-efficient and creative way, to enhance Greece’s image on the international tourism market as a country taking up innovative actions, as well as to introduce a model case-study for international tourism fairs at the environmental level.

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