Marine Parks and Zoos to visit while in Greece

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Children love to explore the world!  Marine parks and zoos let parents spend some quality time with their children and make a summer holiday in Greece even more memorable. During their visit, parents can also have a light meal or a coffee while enjoying a view of the African Savannah or relax on a beach in front of a sea life center, while our little friends get to know animals and microscopic creatures of the sea, play, participate in educational programs, or watch documentaries carefully produced by experts to keep the children happy and to satisfy their genuine curiosity.

• Take your family on a tour to:

Attica Zoological Park in Athens: Bearded dragons, African penguins, bald eagles, Australian king parrots, ring tailed lemurs, giraffes, flamingos, tortoises, lovebirds, pumas, hippos and dolphins are all waiting to give you a tour around the five continents. Combining entertainment with education, the Attica Zoological Park offers its visitors a unique insight into the lives of over 2000 animals, from 400 species. During the summer holidays, the Zoo offers weekly educational programs dedicated to children. Family packages are also available.

Kids, just an idea: Adopt an animal and help the work here at the Zoo!
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Cretaquarium in Crete, Iráklion: Admire approximately 2,500 Mediterranean and tropical organisms in one of Europe’s largest sea life center. Cretaquarium offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the magnificent world of the Mediterranean Sea. From large predatory sharks to tiny sea horses and spectacular jellyfish, the diversity of marine life is presented against a backdrop of Cretan underwater seascapes, such as the rocks at Mátala (South Crete) and the seabed at Vái (Southeast Crete).

Kids, a tip for you: Use one of the microscopes here to observe microscopic creatures and understand more about the marine ecosystem!

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(This content has been supplied by the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research.)

The National Marine Park on Alónnissos is the first of two National Marine Parks in Greece and one of the largest protected marine areas in Europe. It covers a wide sea area of approximately 2 260 km2. Apart from the sea area, the park includes a large group of islands: Alónnissos, six smaller ones (Peristéra, Kyrá Panayiá, Psathoúra, Pipéri, Skántzoura and Yioúra) and 22 small islets. The many caves along the coastline provide the ideal environment for the Mediterranean monk seal monachus monachus to rest, live and reproduce. The geographical isolation of the area, the Mediterranean climate, the characteristic morphology and the minimum human intervention, make the sea as well as the land in the park an ideal habitat for many rare species of fauna and flora.

Kids, join forces: Adopt a monk seal and help protect the species’ lives and habitat!

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(This content has been supplied by the National Marine Park of Alónnissos-Northern Sporades.)

The National Marine Park on Zákynthos (Zante): The Marine Park encompasses the marine area of the Bay of Layanás, the sea turtle nesting beaches and a zone of land adjoining them, the wetland of Kerí Lake and the two small Strophádes islands. It includes a total of 36 km2 of terrestrial territory and another 90 klm2 of marine area. Zákynthos is one of the most important sea turtle nesting areas in the Mediterranean. The area features a variety of habitats, including sand dunes and Posidonia oceanica beds. It is home to the critically endangered Sea daffodil (Pancratium maritimum), and submerged reefs as well as hundreds of species of flora and fauna, some of which are of great importance. A resident population of the critically endangered species the Mediterranean monk seal monachus monachus is also present on the west coast of Zákynthos.

Kids, don’t forget to: Visit the Thematic Exhibition Centre and the nesting beaches of the loggerhead sea turtle caretta caretta!

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