Greek Sites to Stay Open For Full Moon On 21 August

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Acropolis-Full-MoonMore than 100 archaeological sites, monuments and museums throughout Greece will remain open on the night of 21 August 2013 to celebrate the full moon.

The night of the full moon will be celebrated with open-air performances of music, theater, guided tours and other events and just simple visits to major sites, monuments and museums. Admission is free!

For years archaeological sites and museums all over Greece stay open well after midnight during the full moon in August so visitors can stand under the moon light while being in Ancient Greek historical and heritage surroundings.
Most sites and museums stay open until 1:30am but some stay open even later.

August full moon at Acropolis Museum
On the other hand, the Acropolis Museum celebrates August Full Moon on Wednesday 21 August 2013, with famous melodies of the Greek and world repertoire, performed by the historic Army Band of Athens, in the Museum’s entrance courtyard at 9:30 p.m.

The Army Band was founded in 1825 and for many years it represented the only musical authority in Greece comprising of world renowned music conductors, such as Maggel, Kalomiris and Kessaris, as well as talented soloists. Today, the Army Band of Athens supports all Army events and it participates with great success in world festivals of Army Bands abroad. Captain Mike Hasouris will be conducting the orchestra.
On this occasion, the Museum will remain open from 8 a.m. to 12 midnight (free entry for all visitors from 9 p.m. onwards), giving visitors the opportunity to stroll through the galleries and enjoy the view of the Acropolis under the charming moonlight.

Acropolis and Cape Sounion will not be open until late.

Unfortunately, Greece’s popular Acropolis site and Cape Sounio will not stay open after 8 pm for safety reasons, as works are still being carried out on the sites.
According to the Greek Culture and Sports Ministry, in Sounion, visitors will have free access to the hill adjacent to the Temple of Poseidon, which has a view of the temple. There will also be free access to Filopappou Hill in Athens, opposite the Acropolis site.

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