Red Bull “Art of Motion” Santorini – Greece 2013

Posted: September 2, 2013 by acerentacargreece in Uncategorized
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The world’s best freerunning athletes will be returning to the dream island of Santorini – Greece, the world’s most “natural” parkour course for the third year in a row. On September 14, 2013 they will be ready to impress the crowd with their tricks, runs and drops.  The traditional paved narrow streets rooftops, domes, terraces and swimming pools will all be part of the extended course with a height differential of more than 50 meters that the athletes will again have to master within the given time limit.  The edgy caldera, the ancient and active volcano, a famous sunset and thousands of traditional white rooftops will provide a unique backdrop for the athletes and spectators.  For the first time ever Red Bull Art of Motion will offer a Freerunning Camp prior to the event.  Stay tuned! More details are coming soon.



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