Athens Flying Week returns to the Greek capital for its second year and will once again offer unforgettable moments and spectacular performances to Athenians and international visitors.The event will take place 23-29 September, with the peak of the event – the air show – taking place 27-29 September at Tatoi airport where some 50,000 people are expected to attend.

Aside from the airshow, a series of ground events, activities & happenings, such as: fly in, conference, exhibition, kids park, fly simulators, aero modalism, addiction flights as well as hospitality area, DJ line ups & happenings.

Syntagma Square will be the event’s reference point. A specially designed venue will be present at the square throughout the course of Athens Flying Week.

On Wednesday 25 September, a conference will take place at Divani Caravel Hotel (2-9 pm) with appealing topics, not only to the general public but also to people with a greater interest in aviation.

On Thursday 26 September, a fascinating pre-show will take place at the beach of Palaio Faliro that will be followed by the peak of the city’s aviation week: the three-day airshow at Tatoi airport (27-29 September) with the following performers: Netherlands Air Force (F-16 Demo), Polish Air Force (“ORLIK” Aerobatic Team), Francesco Fornabaio, Red Bull (Alpha Jet), Luca Bertossio, Jurgis Kairys, Blu Circe, Aeroclub Romania and WeFly! Team.

Every step of the project is planned in order to provide a unique experience to children, youngsters and families as well as to aviation pilots who want to live the thrill and excitement of flights.

  1. anna says:

    What an incredible show, we live right next to Tatoi airport and thouroughly enjoyed the 3 days of aviation’s capabilities. Thanks to the skilled pilots who gave their utmost performance for this show, but we really admired the performers from the Netherlands Air Force F-16 Demo great super performance, chills went down my spine, these F-16 are extremely powerful machines!!!!! Guys will you visit us next year again????? Please. Thank you all once again.

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