The trail of the great Greek philosopher begins from the EU-recognized Natura 2000 network at Aristotle’s Grove Forest and the Ottoman-era mines and concludes at ancient Stageira in Olympiada, the philosopher’s birthplace.

The complete distance of the particular trail is 22 kilometers and follows the shady paths of the Aristotelian Mountain and overlooks the sea, the Akanthian and Strymonic Gulfs.

The Walk, which presents great scientific and historic interest, will be also included in an English guide referring to the Mount Athos trails, published by UK-based Ramblers Worldwide Holidays, specializing in global walking and trekking holidays. It is noted that seven more historic trails will be launched by May of 2014!

Walk through the Varvara crossing to the amazing waterfalls of the Aristotelian Mountain through dense vegetation and a forest protected by the Natura 2000 European convention.  From the Aristotelian Forest, the sole park of Halkidiki, to the archaeological site of Stageira in Olympiada, this unique route to the famous Aristotelian Mount is an environmental, cultural and historical route through time. The amazing variety of the flora, and stunning panoramic view of Akanthio and the Strimonian bay will take your breath away. The incredible scents of the Natura 2000 trees and plants will fill your lungs and you can collect your own herbs, the very herbs that Aristotle prescribed to Alexander the Great as ancient cures. The road will lead you to Alexander the Great’s home town where you will find a stunningly beautiful and historically important archaeological site.   It’s like being in a fairytale and as you arrive at the famous waterfalls, you will feel like you have reached heaven. It’s a once in a lifetime experience!


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