Kenya’s Hillary Kipkogei Yego claims the 31st Athens Classic Marathon

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Kenya’s Hillary Kipkogei Yego claims the 31st Athens Classic Marathon

Kenya’s Hillary Kipkogei Yego claims the 31st Athens Classic Marathon

A record number of some 17,000 runners from 102 countries took part in the 31st Athens Classic Marathon, covering the route taken by Pheidippides, an Athenian messenger who, in 490 BC, dashed to the democratic city states of Athens and Platea to announce Athens’ victory over the Persian Empire soldiers, before dying of exhaustion.

The winner of 31st Athens Classic Marathon is Yego Hillary Kipkogei in a time of two hours, 13 minutes and 59 seconds. The 33-year-old Yego was followed across the finish line by three of his countrymen. Yego said. “It was the first time that I participated in the Athens classic marathon. I am very happy that I managed to achieve my personal best time. The weather conditions were very good”. In second came Dickson Kimeli who clocked 2:14.40, David Kipkorir Rutoh took third at 2:14.47 and Paul Kibet Kosgei in fourth at 2:16.58.

The women’s race was won by another Kenyan, 26-year-old Nancy Joan Rotich in a time of 2:41.38. She finished 19th overall. 2nd is Ukraine’s Stanko Svitlana (2:42:03) who was also last year’s runner-up and third is Magda Gazea (2:46:07).

Athens Classic Marathon Pictures

31st Athens Classic Marathon

Athens Marathon winners
The men results for the 10 Km Road Race are: 1st place goes to Iadgarov (32:28), 2nd place goes to Drossos (32:35) and 3rd place to Dimitrakis (32:58). Results for women are: 1st place Karakatsani (35:40), 2nd place Kefala (36:15), 3rd place Astropekaki (37:00).

At the 5 Km Road Race winner is Nakopoulos with finish time 15:48, 2nd place Mylonas achieved a result of 15:53 and 3rd place Chatzaki finished in 15:54. In women the rank is: 1st place Mperdoussi (17:58), 2nd place Michailova (18:49) and 3rd place Chrysaidi (19:09).

AIMS Best Marathon Runner of the Year Awards
(AIMS) is the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races. AIMS Members, made up of more than 350 of the world’s leading distance races from over 100 countries and territories. Performances over the past 12 months from October 2012 to September 2013 were taken into account for the award.

AIMS Best Marathon Runner of the Year Awards

AIMS Best Marathon Runner of the Year Awards

Kenyans Wilson Kipsang and Edna Kiplagat have been voted the AIMS Best Marathon Runners of the Year.

Kipsang broke the men’s world record in the Berlin Marathon at the end of September with a time of 2:03:23. Earlier in the year, the 31-year-old placed fifth in the London Marathon. “I had no idea who would win this. Now I am very happy and proud” said Kipsang, adding “This award should become an inspiration for young athletes – not only in my home country but in the whole world.”

The 34-year-old Edna Kiplagat became the first woman to retain a World Marathon title at the championships in Moscow in August. In April, she finished second in the London Marathon with 2:21:32. “Winning the AIMS Best Marathon Runner of the Year award is very special for me. It is an honor to be selected from all of the best runners in the whole world,” said Kiplagat.

World Champion Stephen Kiprotich (of Uganda) and London Marathon winner Priscah Jeptoo (Kenya) were the runners-up in the awards. They were also honored on stage during the gala.

It was also the first time that AIMS presented a former world-class runner with the AIMS Lifetime Achievement Award. Ingrid Kristiansen of Norway, one of the greatest women long distance runners ever and the former world marathon record holder (2:21:06), became the first recipient of this award.

Additional awards were received by the organizers of the Milan Marathon (AIMS Green Award) and the Great Ethiopian Run (AIMS Social Award).

“It was time for AIMS to recognize the achievements of the elite athletes. That is why we decided to introduce the AIMS Best Marathon Runner of the Year Award,” explained Paco Borao, the President of the Association.

“350 AIMS member races from over 100 countries have recognized the great achievements of these athletes in the spiritual home of the Marathon Movement, Athens. AIMS works to foster and promote distance running throughout the world, and this Gala is an excellent way to work towards achieving that mission.”

“Next year, the gala will again be staged in Athens and we expect it to stay here in future. It is the right place for such an event and the right timing with the Athens Classic Marathon to be staged on Sunday.”

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