Recreation of Ancient Athens Acropolis by Whiskytree

Posted: December 6, 2013 by ACE of Greece in Uncategorized
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Athens Tech Demo Siggraph 2013; All tricks of the trade were applied including custom addons to place various assets. The amount of detail; Architecture, Vegetation, Topography is incredible, kudos to Whiskytree!

Presented at the SIGGRAPH conference; the premier international event on computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Whiskytree offers full service visual effects, 2D flat + 3D stereo final shot production, and concept art and design, digital environment creation, matte painting and art direction services.

In this amazing recreation of ancient Athens, Greece presented on Siggraph 2013 by VFX company Whiskytree, you can see 1,62 billion visible triangles. Whiskytree is the company that stands behind the great visual effects of Elysium, Thor: The Dark World, Tron: Legacy, Iron Man 2, Captain America, Termination Salvation and more.

Contributed to over 25 film projects, most notably Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor, Tron: Legacy, Rango, Alice in Wonderland, Hellboy, Sin City, The Mist, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, King Kong, and the Emmy Award-winning HBO’s John Adams.

Whiskytree comments: “Athens was an internal development project to improve our layout tools and see how much geometry we could push through our lighting pipeline (XSI / Arnold). The project had a 6 week schedule though we finished the project in 5 weeks. At the peak of asset creation we had 14 artists dedicated to the project during the first 3 weeks. Once assets and layouts where complete the crew scaled back to just a few people to finish the shot”.

Steven Caron comments: “This is a test we did internally, this eventually ended up the basis for the work we did on Elysium!”.


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