A City Guide: Destination Piraeus

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destination piraeus

Piraeus has been the port of Athens since classical times, when Themistocles transferred his Athenian fleet from the exposed port of Phaleron (modern Faliro) to the security of Piraeus in the 5th century BC. It was eventually overtaken by other ports, and during medieval and Turkish times, it diminished into a tiny fishing village. Its resurgence began in 1834 when Athens became the capital of independent Greece.

Today Piraeus, 10 km southwest of central Athens, is the biggest port in the Mediterranean (with more than 20 million passengers passing through annually), the hub of the Aegean ferry network, the center of Greece’s maritime trade and the base for its large merchant navy.

The Municipality of Piraeus has embarked on a new tourism campaign to position the city as a destination for Greeks and foreign tourists aiming to boost the city’s economy and development.

The “Destination Piraeus” campaign was presented on Monday by the municipality of Piraeus and has been funded by Olympiakos F.C.  The backbone of new campaign will be the new website www.destinationpiraeus.com, which is currently displayed in Greek and English and will be followed by other languages, through which visitors will be informed on all they need to know about the city. The campaign will also be active throughout all major social media networks and will be available as an app for smartphones &; tablets available on all platforms in various languages that inform on all the city has to offer.

A new 150 page luxury travel guide is also part of the campaign. The guide is divided into sections including History, Architecture, Attractions, Culture, Routes, Entertainment, Shopping and Maps and will include dozens of original and impressive photos and reports by renowned travel journalists.

All visitors are invited to experience Piraeus like never been seen before!

Website: http://www.destinationpiraeus.com/

Travel Guide: http://www.destinationpiraeus.com/travel-guide.pdf

Piraeus Map: https://www.google.com/maps/@37.96481,23.621423,12z?hl=en-US


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