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As of 1 April, 33 leasing Greek museums and archaeological sites will extend operating/visiting hours until the end of the season and remain open from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week, through to the end of the season on the 31st of October 2014. (more…)

World Museum Restaurants: The Athens Acropolis among the Top 5 places to eat.

World Museum Restaurants: The Athens Acropolis among the Top 5 places to eat.

The Acropolis Museum Restaurant is included among the top five places to eat in the world alongside the restaurants of the Museum d’Orsay in Paris, France and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, USA. (more…)

Athens Tech Demo Siggraph 2013; All tricks of the trade were applied including custom addons to place various assets. The amount of detail; Architecture, Vegetation, Topography is incredible, kudos to Whiskytree!



AirPano is a Russian based group of photo enthusiasts dedicated to creating World Class hi-resolution aerial panoramas.  (more…)

October 28: The Anniversary of “OXI” Day

In all of world history, there are only but a few examples of the “little man” defeating the larger, more powerful aggressor. One such instance is that of the unsurpassed acts of bravery of the Greek people of little Greece against Hitler’s seemingly unstoppable Axis Forces. (more…)

Acropolis_museum 2013 world tourism day

The Acropolis Museum will celebrate World Tourism Day and European Heritage Days with gallery talks about the museum masterpieces and the colors of the archaic statues. (more…)

Acropolis-Full-MoonMore than 100 archaeological sites, monuments and museums throughout Greece will remain open on the night of 21 August 2013 to celebrate the full moon.

The night of the full moon will be celebrated with open-air performances of music, theater, guided tours and other events and just simple visits to major sites, monuments and museums. Admission is free!


Tango Acropolis 2013

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official-opening-akropolis-tangoThe 1st global tango meeting is to take place in Athens from July 5, 2013 until July 7, 2013 for a magical music and dance event in the foothills of the Acropolis! (more…)


On Thursday 20 June 2013, the Acropolis Museum will celebrate its fourth birthday. (more…)

International Museum Day - The Acropolis Museum Celebrates!

On the occasion of International Museum Day on Saturday 18 May 2013, the Acropolis Museum continues (more…)