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09-10 June 2012 – International Meeting of Styles Athens

After more than 100 world-wide events the “International Meeting of Styles” (MOS) is final in Athens, Greece. MOS is an international network of graffiti artists and aficionados that began in Germany that aims to create a forum for the international art community to communicate, assemble and exchange ideas, works and skills, but also to support intercultural exchange. In the spirit of cooperation and promotion, all the artists are open-minded non-traditionalists that recognize the importance of gaining a new consciousness towards Graffiti-, Street- and Urban-Art.



Beetroot Design Group and Benaki Museum, the largest independent museum in Greece, proudly present Beetroot’s acclaimed exhibition: “The Greek Monsters” for the first time in their home country, Greece!

The Greek Monsters exhibition was created to celebrate Beetroot’s “consistently brilliant level” in design that won its prestigious distinction: the red-dot Communication Design Award as the Agency of the Year 2011.

As part of its reputable support to New Greek Excellence, Benaki Museum will be hosting the “Monsters” at the Pireos St. Annexe up to July 29, 2012. (more…)