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Varkiza Long Distance Windsurfing Race: alone in open sea

The Varkiza Long Distance Windsurfing Race 2013 will be held in the waters of Greece, between 26th-27th October.

The event takes place in open sea where the wind is stronger and more stable. All windsurfing classes are invited to compete for the third year in this weather forecast based contest.

“The ride is incredibly beautiful. You can see small communities of the southern suburbs on the foothills of the mountains that end up on beaches forming small bays, as well as the open blue sea”, explains Jean-Marc Fantis, organizer of the Varkiza Long Distance Windsurfing Race.

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Navarino Bike Festival

The Peloponnese welcomes the first international mountain bike race that will be held from 11 to 13 October 2013. Professional and amateur cyclists will now have another reason to travel and visit this region with the untouched and diverse landscape, as the “Navarino Bike Festival” will be an ideal way to explore the rich countryside. (more…)

34th Ariane’s Cup: The Great Sailing Regatta

The Ariane’s Cup began in 1979, as a corporate regatta of companies participating in the European space program Ariane. The race is held since then unfailingly every year by Oscar organization in different area every time. (more…)