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You might have seen some of these places up close, but can you recognize them from these bird’s-eye-view images? Guess the place, then scroll below to review the picture and answer!  If indeed you can guess the location of these 100 surreal World destinations and landmarks then it might be time to consider a career change; become a World travel agent, adviser and/or guide!



Explore nature, culture, local life, art and history as autumn has arrived and summer in Greece has bid us a fond farewell. (more…)


The phenomenon of “reproductive tourism” has now become of undeniable global significance and demands rigorous academic engagement.  Greece is considered one of the most ideal (more…)

After 25 centuries, The Temple of Apollo in Corinth is illuminated for first time.

After 25 centuries, The Temple of Apollo in Corinth is illuminated for first time.

Since its construction from around 540 B.C., it’s been hard to miss the Temple of Apollo in Corinth, about 50 miles southwest of the Greek capital of Athens. However it was always a site that you may only visit during the day. On Saturday the 26th of January 2013 is when the popular tourist attraction was lit up at night for the first time.
The project to illuminate the temple began in summer 2012, with a study carried out by the 17th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, which oversees the safeguard, conservation and administration of Hellenic heritage in the area. (more…)


Enjoy these brilliant mosaics of landmarks, symbols of Greece and most important the people that visit!  In 2012 a turning point was a giant billboard in New York’s Times Square which proved to remind the public of the natural beauty of the Greek land.  So look up and you might see one of these great Mosaics in your city. (more…)